Who we are

The three B’s of Bringing Business across Borders

Our team is focused on supporting businesses across Europe/the Netherlands and the East-Asia region of China, Korea and Japan, and brings 65+ years of combined experience in business development, clinical operations, compliance, CRC, data management, monitoring, project management, medical device registrations, seminars, eClinical software solutions, training, and localization of documents and systems.

Wolf Ondracek – Co-founder  & Partner

An expert with 20+ years of experience in life sciences and clinical development in APAC and Europe, Wolf is well versed in general management, in project management and operational work. He is experienced in international management and business development for clinical research services, data management and data quality systems.

Wolf’s passion lies in building and maintaining a trust relationship with customers, partners, subcontractors as well as with employees. With an substantial network in Japan, China, Korea and the Netherlands, he has extensive knowledge of Japanese (business) culture and language and is an experienced relation builder in other Asian countries.

 Ronald Hilhorst – Co-founder & Partner

An expert in management consultancy and operational support,  Ronald’s specialty is new market business development and intercultural management with a focus on Japan in the field of medical devices, biotech and life sciences.

His strengths lie in the ability to connect people, manage and develop cross cultural relationships and analyse and determine key market drivers for business development. His skills include near-native knowledge of the Japanese language and long-term experience within and with Japanese (business) culture.

 Geeske in’t Velt – Partner

Geeske has over 15 years of experience in advising Chinese and Dutch SME’s and knowledge institutes. She has an impressive track record in business development and project management, and was instrumental  in establishing local affiliates in China for European companies. She is fluent in Chinese and trained in international management. She brings a strong network in the Chinese life sciences and high-tech industries.

Tao Jing – Expert Biotech China

Tao studied in the Netherlands  and received his MSc Process Engineering in Wageningen University, the Netherlands. After returning to his home country China, he started working in the lab equipment industry and has 7 years of experience. At moment Tao is combining his subject matter expert role at 3EACON as co-founder at CMO COProBiotech, China and COProBiotech BV, The Netherlands. Tao has an extensive network in biotechnology industry and regional and local governments in China and experience in setting up companies in this sector in China.

Frank Arnold – Local Representative Japan

Frank combines a background in bio-medical science with work experience with clinical CROs in Europe and Japan.  He has an impressive track record in pre-sales and after-sales support and customer care in the areas of clinical data management and data quality systems and document management systems.  Living and working in Japan in the life sciences sector for more than 14 years, Frank has built an extensive network based on his vast operations-level expertise and his skills as a near-native Japanese speaker.