What we do



Strategic Consultancy

3EACON is well-resourced to help its customers further develop and enhance their market strategy in the target region based on extensive knowledge of the relevant market segments and the regulatory environment. This with a grass-roots understanding of the local language and business culture, as well as the needs and expectations of its customers and prospects.

Operational Support

Through our presence in the West European and the East Asian regions, our knowledge of the local languages and culture, our extensive experience with local business practices, and our expertise in clinical trials and life sciences, we are able to provide first rate and professional support to our clients AND their customers. By operating in the local language we enhance the customer experience.  This method has proven to be highly successful in generating repeat business. In addition, we  provide project management support to our clients’ expert team, for example during international calls and meetings with local customers to ensure that no vital information is lost in translation.

Business Development

3EACON is extremely well positioned to help enhance and expand your business development efforts by providing access to a wide range of prospects. We help increase efficiency by focusing on high potential targets.

Organizing seminars and roadshows in the local language will contribute greatly to generating true understanding. However, incidental events such as seminars and roadshows are only effective when regular follow-up interactions with prospective customers by subject matter experts take place.

3EACON’s involvement ranges from providing on-demand support for events or individual prospect interaction to managing and executing the full business development and sales cycle in your target region.

Specialist Network

Working with 3EACON gives you access to our networks in the European and the East-Asian region. Networks that include academic research centers, clinical trial design specialists, CROs, pharma and biotech companies, medical device companies, regulatory experts, key opinion leaders, data science experts, government organizations, clinical software solutions providers, and professional organizations in the life sciences sector.

Specialist Knowledge & Expertise

Our specialist knowledge is based firmly on a thorough understanding of the local languages and the business culture in the regions where we operate. Many years of hands-on work in management and operational roles in clinical drug development, medical device development and registration, data management and data quality, business development and local presence building have honed our specialist expertise. We can give you the support you need, whether it is in obtaining approval for your clinical trial, finding the right business partner for acquiring or improving market presence in your target country, or organizing high profile seminars that attract the right audience for you.