How we work

Our services are always aimed at providing added value for our clients. We help to conduct smooth business with your customers and partners, overcome cultural differences and eliminate miscommunication. With the support of 3EACON, there is no risk of being “lost in translation”.

Depending on your needs, our business consultancy leads to clear deliverables, ranging from process mapping & improvement, through to writing a business plan and designing and executing feasibility studies. 3EACON takes you all the way to developing a business strategy that includes a marketing and sales and a HR strategy.

Our operational support is entirely hands-on, varying from customer support, local project management, to training local staff recruitment and local entity set-up.

Our business development support offers a wide range of well-defined building blocks, such as market research projects, development and execution of marketing plans, coordinating seminars and roadshows, as well as defining a customer satisfaction plan. We help you to define your sales and after-sales strategy and can also provide the actual sales and after-sales support.